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Catchup time!

Saturday- I took my ACT at Chippewa Valley High School. Not cool. As I'm walking out of my classroom, I see D'Vonte waiting outside of the class! WHAT A SURPRISE! (D'Vonte had previously went to that school before he got kicked out for having sex in the bathroom.........I know, skanky) and we walked through the halls, holding hands. It was very lovely seeing him. Since it's been like a month. lol

Sunday- GREAT DAY! I drove the HUMMER up to the mall. I picked up D'Vonte from his grandparents house. I met them, they're nice people. They 'approve' of me. lol. We went to the mall, hung around, just had a great time. On our ride home, we got....ahem...excited....and well let's just say I almost ran off the road....not from road-head though. haha. Went back to his grandparents' house and hung out for a little while, watched a movie. Drove him home. Our song came on! So we sang it together the whole way home....holding hands. It was perfect <3

Monday- I got fucking spat on! Ugh, don't even get me started with that shit. I seriously almost stabbed him.

Today- Worst day ever. Aleisha thought it would be fucking funny to hide my ipod and calculator ($450 iPod and a $110 Calculator, yeah, now you see why I got pissed?) and didnt give them back until I almost bitch slapped her. I hate shit like that. I seriously almost thought they were lost. I told the principal about billy spitting on me and screaming out obcenities to me in the hallway....such as "I SMELL FAGGOT!" "FAGGOT!" "HOMO!" "PICK MY COTTON!" Not to mention he's been spitting on me these past couple days. Yeah. If the school doesnt do anything about it, then I will handle it. I'm trying to do the responsible thing and not let it escalate into something bigger....but chances are we're gonna end up fighting anyways.

Tomorrow is the last day I'll retake my MME and get my $4000 scholarship. Wooo. I'm going to Specs Howard School Of Broadcast Arts Inc, after graduation. I'm exciteddd. It's only an 8 month course and they even line you up with internships! wooo!

Tomorrow is also halloween. & once again, I'm at home...doing nothing for halloween, other than passing out candy.

But on a positive note, Nip/Tuck comes on tonight. yea yea nigga.


P.S. I got Britney Spears' new album "BLACKOUT"
I still believe in her.
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